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Among the fellow comedians who paid tribute following Starr's death was Jim Davidson, who tweeted: "Just heard the news. Freddie Starr was the greatest. Freddie Starr's funeral has been taking place in Merseyside. The comedian, who was 76, had a heart attack at his home in Spain last month. Fair warning, right?

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Okay then. Donald Bisenius, you are an unfeeling, officious, witless, wholly incompetent jackass. How dare you, sir? There are but two possibilities here. He joined the firm in as a Director of Portfolio Quality in the mortgage credit policy department. In this position, Dr. Bisenius and his group were responsible for analyzing and reporting on portfolio and industry statistics, identifying credit risk exposures, and recommending corrective actions. And this guy is still employed? Honest to Pete? Which part of that job description did he get right?

What… a botanist, right? Alliterative memo to the Obama Administration: Fire fool at Freddie and fast. Since , Dr.

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Okay, fine. Not working at that job, right? Come on… seriously? From there he proceeds to shovel insult upon insult until he slams his creation into injury with the force of a high-speed bullet train hitting a kid on a tricycle. In other words, borrowers who have the financial means to make monthly mortgage payments, but choose not to do so and, instead, purposely default on their loans.

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The homeowners I know are undergoing the worst turmoil of their lives, and having exhausted every other avenue supposedly available to them, have come to the inescapable conclusion that walking away is their best… no, their only option. Don-Don makes it sound like they reached the decision over highballs at the 19 th hole after wrapping up an afternoon on the links. Did I already call him a jackass? What in the Sam Hill did he just say? How about you start by telling the truth about what happened here. Perhaps you could then acknowledge how unregulated markets and inconceivably unsupervised and greedy sociopaths misused their positions, lied to investors around the world, and bankrupted our financial institutions, while lining their own pockets.

Maybe wrap it up by telling folks about how your lobbyists pumped hundreds of millions, or perhaps billions into lobbying efforts in an effort to cover up your crimes and ineptitude so as to go forward without any accountability, as you lay the blame for the crisis on homeowners who you say, borrowed too much. That would be good social policy, at least as far as the people of this country are concerned.

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Morgan Stanley strategically defaulted a couple of months back, and that was a loan for many hundreds of millions of dollars, or was it billions? The Mortgage Bankers Association did some walking away from mortgaged real estate this year too, right? Were you concerned about how Morgan was executing social policy, or criticize them for failing to consider externalities?

When strategic defaults occur, homes go into foreclosure and sit vacant for some period of time.

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We know from experience that foreclosures and vacancies drive down the property values of everyone else in the neighborhood. Thus, strategic defaulters, in effect, deplete the personal wealth of their neighbors.

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Get a critical mass of strategic defaults, and broader communities and regions become affected. Indeed, Economy. Even more families harmed. Bisenius, are you seriously blaming this on the homeowners who are losing homes to foreclosure?

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  6. Do you also blame the businesses that file for bankruptcy? And the brokers, right? Why not? The strategic defaulters deplete the personal wealth of their neighbors? Because really the fear about this has nothing to do with sex but about societal norms and control. Break free and help others, do the same.

    Who is Freddie Mac to Strategic Defaulters? Well, I Have a Message for Freddie Mac.

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