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Call the police!

What To Do If Someone 'Steals' Your Baby Name

Report the theft ASAP! Alert your neighborhood watch group and maybe even the security guards at your local shopping mall. Never speak to that person again. Unfriend them on Facebook. Cross them off your Christmas card list.

"Stolen" baby name?

If they happen to be your neighbor, consider moving. The very discussion of name-stealing is such a ridiculous first-world problem. If you like a name and want to bestow it on your offspring? Guess what — you can! Kids are going to make their own way in the world and move in different circles as they grow up. They might be the unique snowflake in a sea of people with ordinary names or they might find themselves sharing cubicle space with a half dozen people that share their name.

You never know. Every generation has a handful of those popular names: I attended elementary school with a handful of Stacys and Cynthias.

Hilary Duff Newborn Baby Girl Photo and Name Revealed

My son has three kids named Aiden in his kindergarten class alone. Trust me, there are so many other things associated with parenthood to be legitimately worried about. And did you know there are some 5 billion people living on this planet? Before you go, check out our slideshow :. Do nothing.

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And she only did so to have me as a witness that those were HER names. Did you tell people what your baby's name was before they were born? Has anyone ever 'stolen' your baby name? Posting pics of a baby before the parents is just plain rude. Leave a comment.


And it happens in real life too. Baby name burglary. Avi Vince.

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Outrage at Baby Name “Theft”: Petty or Justified?

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