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Why all this attention to details? Of course.

Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite

But love seeks to express itself in definite forms and manners. In our human relationships there is a proper and improper way to demonstrate and express love: although he loves them both, a man kisses his wife but not his secretary. So also, in our relationship with Christ and His Church, we must seek to express our love properly. Much as a nervous girl might ask how to conduct herself with the boy of her dreams, so we ask ourselves how we are to show our love for Christ in the liturgy.

Monsignor Elliot thoroughly documents his instructions and explains the limits of valid options.

Gladsome Light: Life in a Byzantine Catholic Monastery

Anyone acquainted with the abuses addressed in Liturgical Question Box now has solid answers for fighting them. But Liturgical Question Box is more than a defensive weapon: it is also an aid for the devout but ignorant, for those who often fall into the trap of sincere silliness. Monsignor Elliot recognizes that piety is no substitute for knowledge. In fact, parts of the book reveal a difficulty, not with disobedience or irreverence, but with true devotion and reverence improperly expressed.

He thus provides good, clear instructions for those who desire to worship God in spirit and truth but do not know how to pray as they ought. The third group served by Liturgical Question Box is perhaps the largest single group in the Church: liturgical minimalists.

Free Ceremonies of the Liturgical Year : According to the Modern Roman Rite PDF Download

Here Monsignor Elliot proves his true love for the liturgy. He reveals the deep meaning and sacramentality of such things as books and veils, incense and vestments.

He explains not only what ought to be done and avoided , but also and more importantly why it ought to be done. On more than one occasion he warns against stingy efforts in the liturgy and encourages giving our best in worship. He in fact proves himself an enemy of rubricists, those who carry on in the liturgy without a thought as to what the gestures, words, or objects mean.

As did Ceremonies, Liturgical Question Box helps tremendously in the quest for liturgical sanity in the Church. The range of questions submitted to Monsignor Elliot reveals how broad the liturgical disaster is and how desperately needed is a corrective. His book supports both ambassadors to the liturgically challenged and soldiers of the Liturgical War.

See a Problem?

The only problem with the book is that it does not answer all questions indeed, it stimulates many new ones. Toggle navigation. Find articles by keyword, title, or author name Search. Beyond Rubricism. By Father Paul Scalia December 31, First, this 15th edition is "Revised and updated in the light of Pope Benedict XVI's Summorum Pontificum", which alone should be a good reason for any parish priest, seminarian, Master of Ceremonies, senior altar server, or other interested party to acquire it.

As well, this new edition now contains an additional chapter which has not heretofore appeared in any previous edition of The Ceremonies. In addition to this new section, one can also look forward to new and revised explanations throughout the course of the text, coming in response to various questions and clarifications.


To summarize: Questions which have arisen -- what the rubrics actually require by way of bows, what a priest does when he must offer Mass without a server, whether a layman should act as MC at pontifical ceremonies, whether an antimensium may be used, where prelates in choir should walk in procession, where the pectoral cross is worn and when the cappa magna is used -- have been researched and clarified. The section on ecclesiastical rank has been rewritten in the light of the prevailing legislation.

New descriptions of ceremonial actions which readers thought would be helpful -- such as the manner in which the sacred ministers go to and from the sedilia -- have been included, as have other paragraphs elucidating matters, the appreciation of which when this book was originally in print one may reasonably have presumed. Of course, corrections have been made From the Introduction, p.

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I would be remiss to not mention the general look and feel of the text as well as its physical construction. The saying that books are not to be judged by their covers may be generally true, but with regard to reference volumes such as The Ceremonies it is an extremely pertinent part of the equation. The first thing that struck me about the volume when I pulled it from its packaging was the overall quality of the binding, which is a sturdy and handsome blue sewn hardcover with a crisp white interior paper -- that it is also protected by a handsome dustjacket is an additional bonus.

Further, the text includes a sewn-in marker ribbon which will certainly prove useful. Accordingly, it is well setup for the continuous and long-standing use for which the contents of the book are intended, and which only seems appropriate given its subject matter: the sacred liturgy. By far, this volume is to be considered the standard and most up to date English language reference to the rites and ceremonies of the liturgical books that is in print. In the post-motu proprio era, it most certainly belongs not only in the hands of those already mentioned, but in all seminary libraries, Catholic institutions, and all parishes where the usus antiquior is or may be celebrated, serving as a standard reference and guide.

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Ceremonies Of The Modern Roman Rite - Peter J. Elliott

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