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Those who the clicker doesn't seem to help, LOVE this technique. Because it's very gentle and it works every bit as well as any manual adjusting technique, better in many. Hate to be 'cracked'?? This is your technique.

Dr. Brett Moss DC |Inverness Chiropractor | Moss Chiropractic of Inverness

All the correction, none of the cracking. Okay, so I practice several techniques, I have years and years of experience as well as 2nd gen knowledge passed down. What else makes me different and why should you choose me for your healthcare needs? That is easy. I care. I take my time, I look at you as a person, not just pieces and parts. I promise you that I will do my darndest to get you better, of course realizing the patient has a huge roll to play in getting better.

I am a conservative doctor in that I feel a large portion of my job is to keep my patients OUT of surgery and OFF of medications if possible. If we can restore your health and vitality; if we can help you to live a pain free life naturally, that is what we do. I believe in a 'High Tech, High Touch' way of practice. There is wisdom in the old and definitely brilliance in the new. I like to think we're both.

You'll find that this office is completely digital and your data is completely safe via massive encryption. It saves me money by not having to buy, fill, and store patient's paper files. I also don't have to rent as much space to store them. This creates lower overhead. With lower overhead is lower prices. Very simple. I don't need a giant, beautiful office to get you better.

Believe me, I don't. I've helped people by adjusting them on a 5 gallon bucket! True story, happened at a bait shop. That doesn't mean my office is like the bait shop. I like to think of my office kind of like a slimmed down version of a chiropractic clinic filled ONLY with what actually works. I opted NOT to put an x-ray in simply because it would have cost around 70k to do it.

I send my patients out to imaging centers. Because the x-ray is taken on a digital machine, it is read by a certified radiologist, and by the time I see it, it will have had at least 2 sets of eyes on it. Also, because it's digitial, I don't have to store the x-ray films.

Falsches Spiel: Roman (German Edition)

That saves me space, I don't have to rent a bigger place and lowers my overhead. This translates to better prices for care from me, a master chiropractor with nearly 20 years of experience. This also explains why I can offer a great price through our 'PCD' program, or self pay program. You may want to look at that, it may save you money rather than use your insurance. Speaking of We also accept automobile insurance for car accidents and will work with attorneys. I have 18 years of experience in whiplash and the associated issues and symptoms.

Okay, now about my new clinic, Moss Chiropractic of Inverness. I am able to offer many services at prices that were before now, unheard of. Because I didn't create a monument to chiropractic, I went bare bones on the build, but all in on the tech used to help YOU. We have a Class 4 laser , I believe it is the only one of it's kind in Citrus county. These things are amazing!

However, sometimes it becomes inconvenient and we still hesitate to look elsewhere. The result is often you not getting the care you need.

I hear this all the time from patients who finally just had to try something closer to home. Guess what? Our practice emphasizes individualized care, take home rehab and exercises, and integrated therapies not just adjusting. We hear this a lot in the office.

Chiropractic treatment has two phases with two different goals. The first phase is getting out of pain and fixing your problem.

ISBN 13: 9780956096517

This phase is more intensive but it is relatively short. We get you feeling better as quickly as we can.

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  5. The second phase is preventing problems from reoccurring and keeping you pain free to live the way you want. One of our goals of treatment is to make sure you have things to do on your own if your pain comes back in the future. I hear it every week.

    Meet the Team

    I ask the patient what brought them into the office today. They say that last week, or the week before, they started feeling stiff and hints of pain. Instead of calling right away, they decided to wait. We are in network with most area insurance companies.