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This means that the determinants that lead to the development of diasporas outreach policies, as well as any potential best practices in diasporas-related policies, can be further explored. The Oxford Diasporas Programme , which ended in , was one of the few comparative analyses of diasporas outreach programmes, and also included several other projects measuring the social, economic, political, and cultural impact of diasporas across the world.

As discussed above, data on emigrant stocks can serve as a rough proxy for diaspora populations. However, data on emigrants are difficult to collect, as evidenced by the fact that the total number of immigrants recorded worldwide is higher than the number of emigrants reported. Unlike immigrant stocks, it is difficult to capture the number of emigrants through national census-taking. As many countries do not collect data on potential emigrants as they pass through border controls, it is likely that data on emigrant stocks are lower bounds.

An additional issue is that research on diasporas-related issues focuses overwhelmingly on South-North migration. This is especially problematic considering that international migrants in the global South outnumber those in the North.


The benefits of diasporas engagement are often viewed as a one-way flow of assets from developed countries in the North to the less-developed South, which clearly does not fit the reality of South-South migration. Though many assume that diasporas engagement compensates for brain drain, there is not enough evidence to establish if this holds true for the global South.

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Agunias and Newland, For example, individuals that can provide evidence of links to their countries of origin can apply for ethnic origin cards in India, Turkey, Croatia and others states. Further reading. Cohen, R. Second edition, Routledge, New York.

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Oxford Diasporas Programme publications are available online. Last updated on. Migrant stocks. Migration and Development. Share on. Related content. International migrant stocks. Related blogpost. Related topic. Migration policy.

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Citizenship and migration. Types of migration. Urbanization and migration. Your feedback will be reviewed. Nearly two-fifths of Spain's foreign residents come from the Latin diaspora - mostly from Ecuador and Colombia. The Hmong diaspora evolved against the backdrop of terror that unfolded in their homeland. France's population of Arabic origin is the continent's largest , drawing on Francophone diasporas from North Africa and Lebanon.

He is part of an Indian diaspora that is rising to lead banks in Europe and the U. People in a diaspora are often more religious than in their homeland. We now have a Western diaspora and that diaspora is bringing Iranians and Indians together. They regulated the social and religious affairs of all the Jews in the diaspora. Examples of diaspora. These interests include diaspora groups that claim the refugee for themselves, and international relief organisations and charitable agencies that speak on behalf of the refugee.

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From Cambridge English Corpus. This poem suggests an ' ' inner folding' ' of border effects between ' ' this place' ' and that ' ' hometown,' ' which accompanies the experience of identity disorientation in diaspora. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. The complexities and ambivalence of the two ' ' hemispheres' ' are associated with defining diaspora identities among different cultural passages.

Moreover, with the issue of international violence becoming increasingly alarming, academic attention not just political should be given to the phenomenon of the military diaspora. Rather, diaspora is both predicament and opportunity, forcing its differently identified 'members' continually to address their differences, whatever their common goals. Several studies have shown just how acute was the connection between war and dispossession in diaspora politics. However, democracy has not yet eradicated either gender discrimination, dependence on the diaspora or poverty.

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In it he at once claims the maximal terrain for diaspora studies and restricts the scope of the volume sharply. The diaspora label usually assumes cultural and linguistic difference between places that give form to a diasporic consciousness and identity and places of origin. This transnational part of his outlook was easy to accept for those with a diaspora -wide perspective. The indigenous voice in the black diaspora appears much later. Such studies can be located within the burgeoning diaspora literatures.

As for identity, one could of course speak of 'social identity', as has been done by various historians working on multiple identities or diasporas. Is diaspora the most appropriate term to describe the situation of internationally recognized refugees with a right of return?

Thus, we need to explore if diaspora embodies the potential to dislodge the politics of return. Translations of diaspora in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator?

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