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Please select your desired hair elasticity: straight. Please select your current hair length: Short.

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Please select your desired hair length: Short. Please select your build: slim. What is the current chemical state of your hair? Please select your hair color:. Do you have any of the following hair conditions?

How to choose the right men’s haircut

As a teenager I had a set routine to follow when the time rolled around to get a new hair cut. First, I would buy the newest hairstyle mags and pore over them.

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Then, I would surf the web for hours reading every article on hairstyles I could possibly find. The last thing I would do is copy pictures that I liked and folded down all the pages of the magazine with the hairstyles I wanted. Then the elimination process began. Finding the right style for you can be extremely time consuming. I will say that all the research paid off when my stylist told me, "You know, a lot of girls and women come in with pictures of what they want that will never look good with their hair, but you are really good at picking the right style for you.

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  • Men’s Haircut – Oval face.
  • It's a gift — a natural talent. Either that or I spent way too much time in fashion and hair mags.

    22 Shag Haircuts That Look Great on Everyone

    I did learn some great tips and figured out a good method for finding the right style though. Hair type is a combination of three things: the natural shape of your hair straight, wavy, or curly , the texture of your hair, and the amount of hair you have. The shape or flow of your hair is the easiest to determine. What does your hair do naturally? I've found that the best thing for me to do is go with my natural hair flow. It's straight with a small wave, if dried naturally. I've learned that either using a straight iron or trying for some nice waves is personally the best for me.

    Trying to make pretty little spiral curls in my hair will just make me angry. Just go with the flow y'all! Fine: People with fine hair have very soft and thin individual strands. Fine hair tends to be fly-away and hard to curl. It can take well to chemicals, but gets damaged easily, especially if overly processed.

    Medium: Medium textured hair is also described as normal texture. If your hair is normal textured, it generally takes perms and curls well. It is the most manageable and the most common texture in hair type. Coarse: Coarse hair strands are very thick and somewhat wiry feeling. The best part about this hair texture is that it's very strong. This means it doesn't damage easily. The not-so-great thing about this hair is that it requires a longer time to process and doesn't take well to chemical treatments. The amount of hair you have can be determined in many ways. The simplest is the pony tail test.

    Take a regular sized elastic band and sweep your hair up into a pony tail. Now count the number of times the band wraps around the hair. Now that you've figured out your hair type, the next thing you'll need to figure out is your face shape. There are also a lot of different ways people use to figure this out.

    One way is to tie your hair back from your face completely pin up those bangs if you have 'em , and look into the mirror. Now, take a bar of soap and outline your face to determine what shape it is. The method I prefer is a little more scientific. Another way to find out the shape of your face is to take some measurements with a tape measure or ruler. Take and write down the following measurements:. Oval: The length of the face is one and a half times the width. Your forehead measurement is wider than your chin.

    Usually oval faces have prominent cheek bones. Oval faces can theoretically wear any hairstyle. Round: Round faces are about or just as wide as they are long. This face shape is the widest at the cheeks.

    Men’s Haircut – Face Shape

    Oblong: Oblong faces are longer than they are wide. Their forehead, cheek bones, and jaw line are about the same width. Oblong faces tend to have a prominent chin. Heart: Heart shaped faces are similar to an oval. They have wide cheek bones and forehead, and a narrow chin. The chin tapers to a smaller point than in an oval though. Square: Like a round face, your face is about as wide as it is long. Cheek bones, forehead, and jawline measurements are about the same.

    The biggest factor in a square face shape is the jawline is very angular and squared. Diamond: The cheekbone measurements are the widest.

    Forehead and jawline will be smaller and about equal widths. Triangle: Triangle faces are the reverse of the heart-shaped face. The jawline is the widest, with narrower cheekbones and forehead measurements. Now, with the info I've gathered from the first two tips, I like to find someone preferably an actress with similar attributes.

    Face & Head Shapes: Best Womens Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes – Luxy Hair

    For example, I'm either an oval or a heart. I've heard both, so the first thing I'll do is search online for actresses with heart-shaped faces. We'll go with that because they are less common.

    It makes sense that deciding where to get your hair cut is just as important and it should be researched as well. I would want to find a company that has great online reviews from previous customers. First Name Last Name. Friend's Email Address. Your Name.

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    Your Email Address. Embed from Getty Images. Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free. Please Login to comment. Cassidy Flannegan. I think the best haircut is one that makes the face more narrow.