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Hallo guys Rasakan sensasi taruhan online terbaik seindonesia. Gclub Gclub Gclub. Post a Comment. March 21, We are a committee comprised of sports educators including members of the LGBTQ community and faith community who work in college athletics. We come together to encourage respectful dialogue and to build relationships across our differences. After it is tethered, it still moves around. But after a while, it will sit by the pole and be quiet.

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The organisers of the seminar hope that the seminar will create a forum for further spiritual and intellectual discussion on the interiority and contemplative practice of each religion. One possibility is to set up an inter-religious meditation group that will meet monthly.

A second idea is a sacred space in the city which will be non-denominational. When religious communities know that each of us has our own tradition and begin to practise, will we not see that this practice leads us to common ground? By Irene Pates. Deepening interfaith dialogue. Previous Next. View Larger Image. Representatives of other religions shared their insights.

Pro-Choice And Pro-Life Supporters Search For Common Ground

Love is the language of meditation, which is prayer, he said. A third idea is to explore how meditation could be introduced in schools. Even within denominations, there are significant differences among congregations in terms of styles of worship and predominant theological approaches. You may very well carry that expectation to future churches you join OR it may be that approach that turns you off to any churches that carry that particular label in your future.

The bottom line is that our personal, local experience of Protestantism or Catholicism does not represent either tradition in its full expression! Grasping this is a crucial factor in ecumenical understanding and dialogue.

Seeking Common Ground

One of the main points I attempt to make in my recent book Crossing the Street is a simple one: In spite of a turbulent and tumultuous history, Roman Catholics and Protestants share a common core of Christian faith. This core is something that must be affirmed and built upon. Recognition of this core, I would argue, has significant implications for how we do Christian Education, Youth Ministry and for the ways in which we approach both worship and sacramental sharing.

Having said this, we must also acknowledge that this ecumenical center is not readily embraced by significant populations within each tradition. Interestingly enough, there are points of connection between these two conservative approaches which have become evident in political alliances over the past several decades, including but not limited to the emergence of the Moral Majority and the recent Rick Santorum Presidential campaign.

However, the most current available data that I cite in my book demonstrates that there is no discernible difference in either beliefs or behavior among the majority of contemporary American Catholics and Protestants. In listing these points of connection, I am not claiming that there are no differences between Catholics and Protestants in these matters. I am claiming instead that there may very well be a range of differences in interpretation even WITHIN each tradition itself.

In other words, not all Catholics view Communion, for example, precisely the same way. Yet in spite of these interpretive differences, believers can find a common ground around that with which they can be in agreement. It is my conviction that we need to rekindle the ecumenical movement with deliberate, intentional and passionate commitment as we seek ways to work, study and pray together.

Endnotes 1 I am referring to Catholic-Protestant division and, to a great extent, Christian-Jewish division also.

The Way of Dialogue | Catholic Common Ground Initiative

In my view, there is significant misunderstanding of the Muslim tradition, as well as several others. Stephen Prothero has done significant groundbreaking work in this area. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Welcome!