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4 Tips for Winning a Hospitality Job with Little Experience

If you are interested in a career in hospitality management, you will learn all about this industry and how to get started in this article. It involves overseeing the daily administrative, operational and commercial tasks of businesses like hotels, resorts, restaurants, catering establishments, shops, casinos, amusement parks and many other related businesses. From the big hotel chains to the smallest dining establishments, they are all part of the hospitality industry.

When you work in hospitality management, your goal as the manager is to make your guests feel at home and ensure they have the most pleasant experience at your establishment. Hospitality management can sometimes be confused with hotel management , mainly because they share similar academic requirements and are both part of the travel and tourism industry. However, there are some prime differences in the two sectors.

Hotel management purely focuses on the hotel industry and the job opportunities are only within the hotel sector, with managerial jobs in hotels, housekeeping, and operations management.

Recent Hospitality Jobs

Hospitality management, on the other hand, is an umbrella of different industries including food and beverage, travel, accommodation, event management, etc. There are varied managerial job opportunities in this sector, such as working as a casino manager, resort manager, restaurant manager, or event organiser, among others. While there are some hospitality jobs that only require a diploma, in order to earn a higher salary in a higher-level job, it is best to get a degree.

Most business colleges offer hospitality management courses as part of their curriculum. As a hospitality manager, your task is to oversee various departments in your resort or hotel, for example, in housekeeping, concierge, restaurant, spa, budgeting, conferences, reception, maintenance, and guest services.

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It is your job to ensure everything runs smoothly in all the departments. Although your duties will depend on which sector you work, some of your main responsibilities can include:.

TAFE NSW Hospitality Short Courses 15 Seconds

Since hospitality management covers a wide range of different sectors, the job opportunities are aplenty. Below are some examples of the hospitality careers you can pursue after getting a degree in this field:. Hospitality management operations involve the implementation of resources, materials, equipment, and technology.

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Setting The Standard: 10 Guidelines From The Hospitality Sector To Get Your Enterprise Ahead

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Shirish: I'm a yr old computer engineer, but i love cooking. Do I need to complete hotel management to work in a restaurant part-time or over the weekend? Rony Kurien: Until you pursue a proper course in Culinary , the kind of opening you get may not suit your requirement. Salim: What kind of questions are asked in the interview rounds while hiring candidates?

6 Hotel Marketing Trends To Keep You Ahead Of The Curve

Are they asked to demonstrate their cooking skills, spread a bedsheet, answer a guest phone call? I'm curious to know. Pls share.. Rony Kurien: The questions depend on the interviewer and the brief they have for selection. Further please note the questions asked are meant to check the attitude , aptitude and General awareness of the candidate. Vishal: Can you tell me a bit more about revenue management?

What does it deal with? How can I pursue it? Ankit Dave : How to choose a good hotel management institute abroad?

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