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There is only one mistake you are making: you take the inner for the outer and the outer for the inner. What is in you, you take to be outside you and what is outside, you take to be in you.

Random or Meant To Be?

The mind and feelings are external, but you take them to be intimate. You believe the world to be objective, while it is entirely a projection of your psyche. That is the basic confusion and no new explosion will set it right! You have to think yourself out of it. There is no other way.

Forgiving that person means you have chosen not to dwell on the matter anymore; you have moved on with your life. I am attentive to the opportunities and I seize them as they arise. I have full confidence in myself and my abilities. I can do all things that I commit myself to. No obstacle is too big or too difficult for me to handle because what lies inside me is greater than what lies ahead of me. I am committed to improving myself and I am getting better daily. I am not held back by regret or mistakes from the past.

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Radically Whole

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Joseph Murphy. Desiring God's Will. David G. Catherine Sherman. It was the first time I was working really on helping her launch a race-specific campaign for African-American kids called the Black Community Crusade for Children, and we launched that in a whole series of freedom schools all across the country.

And then I left there—I kind of had the advocacy bug at that point and went to Capitol Hill. He went on to work with Dr. He went to work with Robert F. Kennedy and John F. He headed up civil rights in the Kennedy administration and [inaudible] the Peace Corps and was the college president of a couple universities, and so, like Cliff Wharton, he was somebody who I had looked up to and wanted to be more like, and so it was a great opportunity to go work for him and with him. I was in charge, as his staff person, of working on the Americorp legislation and creating a program called Americorp to allow young people a chance to make a difference through full-time national community service efforts, and then we also worked together to create in turn—since he was a friend and an adviser to Dr.

King, we worked with congressman Louis to turn that holiday into a national day of service, and so that was my time on the Hill, learning, you know, how does legislation work, how does politics work? How do you get things done on the Hill? So I started my career at Accenture in the for-profit space, working in our financial services group. I think your perspective in having such dynamic and deep experiences in each of those spaces gives you a unique perspective, especially when it comes to effectively actualizing change and supporting and lifting as you climb.

Marty: Sure, absolutely. You know, you can have a mentor that can be a sponsor and a sponsor that eventually becomes a mentor, but they are fundamentally different, and if I can take a second just to kind of delineate how I think about that. Let me go through that. So first, mentorship is someone who speaks with you, and sponsorship is someone who speaks about you and for you.

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Mentors advise. Sponsors advocate. Mentors support. Sponsors steer.

My Journey to a Life of Full Time Travel

Mentors help you translate kind of the unwritten rules, whereas sponsors are the rules. Mentors have mentees. Sponsors have employees. Mentors talk about paths.

6 Reasons To Stop Counting Calories + 11 Things To Do Instead

Sponsors talk about trails. And then a couple other last ones as I was kind of quickly thinking through this, mentors are someone you look up to, right?

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  7. But a requirement of sponsorship is power, right? So my mentors have been my heroes and my sheroes. And then lastly, as I described in the beginning, mentors can be sponsors and vice versa.

    Zach: No, absolutely. What do you think are some of the largest misconceptions around that? Marty: Well, especially for mentorship, right? Well, let me just actually start with both.