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How serious are multinational enterprises about corporate responsibility? How does a gearbox made in China end up in a car sold in Europe?

Taught by world-class scholars and guest speakers from industry, you will develop a deep understanding of cross-cultural differences, intercultural communication and leadership, internationally distributed collaborations, international human resource management, and international strategic decision-making. You will also develop actionable knowledge of the global business environment, international business negotiations, global sourcing models, international supply chains, global social entrepreneurship and international innovations.

Through the opportunity of a study abroad option or an international virtual team exercise, you will have the chance to develop your own intercultural experience first-hand and to apply your newly acquired knowledge in real-life situations:. Our MSc International Business programme is ideal for graduates who are keen to develop a deep understanding of international business theory and practice, and to develop key competencies for a career in multinational companies or companies engaged in international business.

Our MSc International Business is designed to develop your global mindset and provide you with research-informed, advanced knowledge and skills that will enable you to see ways in which theory can be applied in practice. This module aims to enable students to analyse the global business environment, the risks facing international companies doing business in emerging market economies, and the main supra-national international business institutions.

This module introduces provides fundamental knowledge and understanding of culture theory, cross-cultural differences, intercultural communication and leadership, international team work, and international human resource management. It is designed to develop students' expertise in evaluating the challenges and opportunities of cross cultural management. The module aims to equip students with an in depth knowledge of the innovation process, its importance to the economy and an understanding of the factors affecting its success. This module introduces students to structured approaches for analysing industries and organisations.

Students will learn how to use a range of frameworks for analysing and assessing the effects of the industry environment on firms.

Going Global: How to Expand Your Business Internationally

This module helps develop an understanding of the science and complexity of international business negotiations. Students will learn to investigate the role of strategy, cultural dynamics, emotions and power asymmetries in negotiated outcomes. They are also offered knowledge of conceptual tools in international negotiations theory and will learn to apply them effectively to engage in solving international business negotiation problems. Students take part in a major international team working project the X-Culture project to experience and improve their intercultural, virtual team working skills.

This module introduces students to the social entrepreneurship phenomenon and the ways in which it tackles complex societal problems. Students will analyse real-life case studies from different parts of the world, learn about the entrepreneurial challenges of balancing social objectives and financial goals and identify different approaches to generating social impact.

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The module also helps students develop a better understanding of how social entrepreneurship and CSR can work in tandem. This module aims to address the opportunities and challenges presented to capitalism as new markets emerge in post-conflict spaces. It assesses the extent to which capitalism can engage with post-conflict places, and critically reviews the problems of applying Western ways to non-Western systems. It draws from 25 years of field experience in places like Cambodia, Vietnam and Sierra Leone to unite practical experience with intellectual rigour.

This module aims to develop a broad understanding of the role of logistics and supply chain within various business contexts.

Students will be able to identify and analyse the complexities and uncertainties affecting global supply chains, critically appreciate emerging trends and concepts in logistics and supply chain management, and develop relevant transferable skills. Introduces and develops the key principles of enterprise resource planning ERP , fundamental concepts of supply chain management SCM in the context of ERP, and an understanding of the role of ERP systems in the effective management of organisational processes.

The module aims to equip students with an in depth knowledge of the digital marketing and social media platforms and applications. You will also study the underlying academic theories of marketing, business and consumer behaviour and how these relate to the application of digital marketing in the real world. This module aims to assess the role financial technologies fintech and their applications play in global markets, equip students with a deeper understanding of fintech business models, and explore and evaluate the ethical and developmental impacts of fintech innovations.

Students will be able to identify the key challenges facing an international firm and propose a set of actionable recommendations to meet the challenges. The information above is intended as an example only, featuring module details for the current year of study.

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Modules are reviewed on an annual basis and may be subject to future changes — revised details will be published through Programme Specifications ahead of each academic year. Please see Terms and Conditions of Study for more information. The modules in the MSc International Business are assessed using a mix of different methods. The assessment of each module is typically either coursework only or a combination of coursework and presentations or exams. As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting you with your personal and professional development, all our Business and Economics postgraduate students have the opportunity to attend an impressive range of extra-curricular masterclasses and public lectures — all on campus and free of charge.

Our masterclasses and public lectures to offer you the chance to broaden your horizons, with a wide range of business-related topics covered, with speakers from the Bank of England, Shazam, Shell and Dell just to name a few. Our entry requirements are listed using standard UK undergraduate degree classifications i.

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Students are required to have a bachelor degree 4 years for entry to a postgraduate programme. The University uses the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities to identify the required final mark, as outlined on the table below:. Applicants from colleges affiliated to universities which are above in the Shanghai rankings will considered as follows:.