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We had no clue how to make Phil comfortable with the new management. He was looking like a fish out of the water. Sara has certainly not looked like a fish out of water in the mathematics lecture, since she is taking some online classes to improve her concepts. Martin had never been to a supermarket before, so he was looking like a fish out of water when his mother asked him to bring some stuff to cook. Origin The idiom fish out of water alludes to someone exposed to an unknown situation.

What is the meaning of "fish out of water"?

Latest Idioms anything but square peg in a round hole hit or miss silver lining in the air. But many fish, like the mangrove rivulus, have adaptations that let them breathe air. This fish-out-of-water has adapted to living mostly on land. But it still needs to learn how to outrun its enemies.

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The super skin also has blood vessels that sit within a micron of the skin's surface, allowing more oxygen to absorb into the blood. The walking catfish, a Southeast Asian native that's invaded South Florida, has an extra organ that supports its gills and helps it take in oxygen from the air. Oh, and yes, we said walking.

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Four-eyed fish gather at the water's surface in Brazil. The species climbs on mudflats to search for insects. The fish flexes its body back and forth to move, and its spiny pectoral fin provides additional leverage.

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Eels climb over dams and other obstacles while traveling upstream, breathing oxygen through their skin. A type of killifish called a mummichog navigates visually, jumping up and orienting its body toward the water, according to a recent study. But West African lungfish blow these other fish out of the water: They have gills and a primitive lung.

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  • During dry periods, the animals wrap themselves in a mucus cocoon, burrow into the mud, and lie dormant—sometimes for years. When rains return and the fish pops back out of the earth, it looks a lot like a "mud pistachio," Burgess says. Fish leave the water for several reasons, such as escaping predators or low-oxygen environments. March 18, —Every spring on California's beaches, thousands of tiny fish come ashore to spawn.