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They sought out places touched by war so as to be more difficult to detect, and because they thought there was a chance Surik would return to such places, if only to try and make peace with what happened there during the war. In her exile, Lonna Vash went to Korriban and took up residence in the halls of the abandoned Sith Academy there. During her exile the Sith Lord Darth Sion arrived on the planet and captured Vash, torturing her within the academy's dungeons in an effort to draw out Surik.

Entering the Valley of the Dark Lords , Surik and her companions ventured into the academy and were surprised when its door slammed shut behind them. Continuing on into the building's depths, Surik discovered Vash's body lying in a pool of blood; the droid HK 's diagnostics confirmed that Vash had been dead for no more than an hour. The bounty hunter Mira believed that the Jedi Master was left as a "message" to Surik and her companions. Searching Vash's body, Surik discovered that the Jedi Master had created a user account under her name in the academy's security system.

This account would make it possible for her to open the front door and escape in case of danger. Using this account, Surik fled from the academy after a short battle with Sion, whom she proved to be unable to kill. Lonna Vash's role was bigger in the original vision of the developers, Obsidian Entertainment , but like many other incomplete things it had to be cut because of the forced premature release of the game.

Restaurant Lonna, Helsinki

She was planned to be found by the player on M , a planet populated by droids, where she came searching for Meetra Surik with her Padawan, Kaah Ohtok. The corresponding conversation Surik has with Vash was even recorded and put in the game file, but, like the incomplete planet, was never used in the actual game. However, as Vash was a Council member shown in an important cut scene, the developers placed her dead body on the also-incomplete Korriban to explain what happened to her.

Master Vash's voiceovers from M suggest the female Jedi Master in actuality had completely different views from rest of the Jedi Council not only on Surik's exile, but also on dealing with the Sith. Her will to fight pushed her to attack the colonists on the droid planet.

lonna & lilly

Despite her previous statements to Surik at the trial, when player reaches Lonna in the main Behaviour Core, the Jedi Master calls the Exile "Jedi", and if the player chooses a dialogue option stating that she's no Jedi, she replies that it depends on the point of view on who can be called by the term "Jedi" and that she actually considered Surik a Jedi.

Although it is never stated what kind of lightsaber Lonna Vash wielded, a lightsaber the color and type of lightsaber are random is found in the interrogation chamber. She is shown in cut content wielding a lightsaber with either a cyan or silver blade, but as cut content is not officially canon, this has not been confirmed. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.