Manual Technical Functions: On the Use and Design of Artefacts: 1 (Philosophy of Engineering and Technology)

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Engineers construct, finally, models that represent the structure and sub functions of artefacts. They managed to model the structure but the incorporation of functional decomposition is less successful.

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These facts show that philosophy can learn from engineering, and the project takes up this promise. It reviews engineering models of functional decomposition and arrives at an account that integrates structural and functional descriptions of artefacts, of their components and of the processes within artefacts.

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This account is constructed with existing function theories and part-whole theories, logical analyses of artefacts and their capacities, and is guided by the results of the mentioned review. This integrated structure-function account furthers our understanding of artefacts and their functions, is used for analysing the novel functional part-whole relation, and again advances our understanding of the relation between structural and intentional descriptions.

It, moreover, helps engineers with their challenge of modelling functional decomposition.

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Functional Decomposition in Philosophy and Engineering. Summary The overall aim of the project is to analyse the decomposition of functions of technical artefacts into subfunctions of their components and processes. Output Book or monography M. Ecole Centrale Paris, abstract: pp.

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The Philosophy of Engineering and Technology book series provides the multifaceted and rapidly growing discipline of philosophy of technology with a central overarching and integrative platform. Proposals should include: A short synopsis of the work or the introduction chapter The proposed Table of Contents The CV of the lead author s If available: one sample chapter We aim to make a first decision within 1 month of submission. In case of a positive first decision the work will be provisionally contracted: the final decision about publication will depend upon the result of the anonymous peer review of the complete manuscript.

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Technical Functions: On The Use And Design Of Artefacts by Wybo Houkes

Ed Fascinating and compelling in equal measure this volume presents a critical examination of the multilayered relationships between engineering and business. In so doing the study …. Ed This volume features essays that detail the distinctive ways authors and researchers in Spanish speaking countries express their thoughts on contemporary philosophy of technology. Ed In a world permeated by digital technology, engineering is involved in every aspect of human life.

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This volume features essays that present a new …. It argues for an externalist conception of self and identity, one that does not depend …. Engineering Mechanical Engineering. Philosophy of Engineering and Technology Free Preview. Is the first book-length study of technical artefacts and their functions Offers state-of-the-art resources in analytical philosophy, such as the planning theory of action and analyses of testimony Provides a framework for describing and evaluating artefact use and design Contains the first and only theory of artefact functions that is faithful to the phenomenology of artefact use Includes positioning of the functions of artefacts against those of biological items Is a typical example of the new school of philosophy of technology that studies engineering and technology on its own merits see more benefits.

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  8. About this book This first book-length study in the philosophy of technical artefacts and their technical functions presents a new action-theoretical account of using and designing called the ICE theory. Show all.