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Sort order. Sep 12, Iris Artemis Library rated it really liked it. One a day. Great series to end at least a week : Can't wait to start reading the next!! Dec 27, R. Austin rated it really liked it. I want more!

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Oct 29, KelticKat rated it liked it. Well, this is the third installment of this series and finally Lilith quit deny and lying to herself about her feeling for Marco! However, this random Randiness does nothin to endear her to me.

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I will be continuing this series - just really want to see some maturity and personality growth form Lilith. Oct 26, Jeannie Zelos rated it it was amazing. The Dread Moon Lilith Mercury Werewolf Hunter Tracey H Kitts Well, book three in the Lilith Mercury series is now out and it is a great follow on from books one and two with some sad experiences for poor Lilith and some great steamy sex scenes for her too.

Lilith's reputation has spread, she's become head of H. No one has seen him for a while but they want him to spear head their campaign The Dread Moon Lilith Mercury Werewolf Hunter Tracey H Kitts Well, book three in the Lilith Mercury series is now out and it is a great follow on from books one and two with some sad experiences for poor Lilith and some great steamy sex scenes for her too. No one has seen him for a while but they want him to spear head their campaign for recognition as Marco did for the Werewolves.

Lilith finds him — and finds he's more than she bargained for! The book carries the following warning from the author: This book contains graphic violence, graphic language, and sex with BDSM how odd — my spellcheck wants to replace this with Batsman — could be worse, could suggest Batman!! I really felt for poor Lilith when she was devastated to find out about someone close to her had betrayed her on such a way, her emotions over it were very real and I felt close to tears myself Marco is a real treat — loyal and loving and so understanding of Liliths position.

He's opened a new club in this book — its called The Dread Moon of course — and quite a few major plots revolve around it. As usual by now from Tracey little clues to later parts are laid throughout the book and the action carries through really well. As Tracey is gradually revamping!! I really enjoyed it and look forward to continuing reading more of the series as they are released.

Stars; five — again an excellent book and I simply can't fault it — I was gripped in the story from start to finish and am desperate to read more of Lilith's story.

The Dread Moon

Aug 16, Cheryl L. Very Good collection I really like the collection and find myself staying up too late, reading MORE than I have time for, because I want to see how Lilith will manage her never ending encounters with werewolves, vampires, wizards and hateful, nosey former high school classmates.

Subtly steamy and lustful scenes raise the heart rate very tastefully. A silent shadow inched its way toward him. Out of nowhere the horrendous Mother of all wolf spiders was hovering over him. Her spider feet picked their way nearer, touching him here and there, probing the outside edges of the form his body made. She was aware of his waking, examining the bonds of the prison she had created for him. She had him solidly wrapped in the corner of the web she had constructed around him, pulling him up from the floor in her spider way.

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As she moved he saw a fine silk sac hanging a few feet from his head. It swayed back and forth, a silken womb in a darkened room. He could only imagine the thousands of tiny round spider eggs in the sac. His body shuddered violently and tears ran from his eyes as he became acutely aware of his rightful place in the scheme of things. He babbled incoherently as he felt it let go.

He was gone and that was so fine, until… His body ached so terribly in forever places as he sensed a tugging on the strands of silk holding him in a mortal embrace. Ignoring the pain, he twisted his head around. His eyes came to rest on the dripping fangs of his captor. There was a wildly squirming bat hanging from them. It was still very much alive. Its small beady eyes were shock-glazed over.

Its filthy little fuzzy chest was rising and falling rapidly, the trip hammer of its heart beating double time with the effort of its futile struggle. He felt hate in his soul for the merciless glistening fangs that held the poor damned thing. He would soon bear witness his own impending death.

You will haunt me no more. We will hold our eyes open in the face of eternity, at the feast on our mortality. You are fortunate to be first, then done and through with her spider madness! She was smooth and then stopped in a strobe-light danse of evil. Wulf heard all the things she did in a halting slow motion, the monster sound of her demented movements, smooth and whispers… whispers… bitch!

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The bat gave a terrified squeal as she hooked it with the mating claw of her front leg and sprang at Wulf. She was so much quicker than his horrified mind could assimilate. He felt himself freefalling into a lunatic void. She wrapped herself around his head, the stiffness of his filthy matted hair, the stinking scent of her musk assailing him. He screamed at her and into her as she shoved the struggling and bleeding bat into his mouth. She held him open with her claws, entering him, shoving the pathetic creature down his constricting throat.

His choking and gagging were of no consequence to her. Against every bit of will he had left, he felt his throat accept what she offered, his body swallowing. She pulled herself from inside him, slammed his mouth shut, wrapped her body tightly around his face. She held him thus until his retching and heaving subsided. Wulf was a thing of her embrace, a necessary link in the chain of her evolution, mutation. He was an unwilling patient, a prisoner in her bleeding hospital. He would eat when she decided to feed him. And feed him she did. He spent the remainder of the most terrifying night of his life being fattened up on bats and spider milk, whatever else she found trapped and squirming in her killing web.

The Dread Moon

The fight had gone out of him but she held him fast. He drank of her with his lips, his tongue probing the sac of her juice, sucking her dry. She held his head in a warm embrace, tending to him constantly, taking no nourishment herself. She was preparing for the long sleep. Her purpose for living was nearly over, eternity close at hand. Perhaps she had simply run out of squirming, fighting, scratching and bleeding things to shove down his whore of a throat. She busied herself with repairs to her web, strengthening it where it attached to the floor and the wall.

Wulf stared wide-eyed, with a morbid sense of fascination and impending doom as she worked. He watched as her abdominal spinnerets spewed forth fine silk, wrapping unidentifiable things, patching rents in the web and tending to the cocoon-like sac of her young.

The Dread Moon by Tracey H. Kitts

Her eight legs never stopped moving. They were a thousand fold, scratching and brutally raping the mouth and throat of him. Now that she had left him alone he teetered on the very fringe of madness. He was nauseated by the writhing, biting and body fluids leaking, filthy crawling things of the earth he had been force fed. That is very well and good, his mind told itself. She was so busy all at once, her womb sac swaying madly, touching the web at each end of its arc. Pendulum, Wulf thought, pendulum. For his new terror he imagined the tens of thousands of baby wolf spiders clawing their way out of their eggs.

They would use their tiny egg tooth, sharp and already mean. They would be hungry… no, starving… voraciously starving, injecting their tiny needle fangs into him, twenty thousand of their needles, fastening themselves to every available surface area on his body, eyes, face, genitals.. And inside, drinking the essence of his mortal life from the inside and out, the outside and in, eating him alive in slow painful little pieces. Galen- the name itself conjours up old world castles, dark alleys, cobblestone streets.

Here is the first collection of his short fiction: ten stories, including five Chinese Galaxy Award-winners. This collection's title story, The Wandering Earth, is the biggest SF movie ever to come out of China — taking the world's 1 box office ranking in February Liu's writing takes the reader to the edge of the universe and the end of time, to meet stranger fates than we could have ever imagined.

With a melancholic and keen understanding of human nature, Liu's stories show humanity's attempts to reason, navigate and, above all, survive in a desolate cosmos.