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The Assassini Trilogy – Jon Courtenay Grimwood

As a review of the third book, there will be spoilers of the first two books. Update: I had a sneaking suspicion I went out on a limb because Jon Courtney Grimwood seems to be a thorough researcher. The facts c This and more reviews, interviews etc on Dark Matter Zine, an online magazine. The facts caught up with me as the limb broke under my weight. I must read and research before being qualified to comment on that particular feature.

Corrected review: Set in Medieval Venice, the Blade in question is Tycho, an unknown quantity whose past is a mystery even to himself. International politics developed apace since those events in the first novel.

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Alexa, the widowed co-regent of Venice, schemes for her family and for Venice. Her cold disposition and ruthlessness obscures her love for her family. Along the way Tycho discovers a peculiar fortress that, like in The Keep, is built to keep something in, in a cave behind the fortress. During his encounter with these creatures Tycho suddenly starts remembering events he has never experienced.

Representations of Gender Gender issues can arguably be excused? In spite of this, Alexa is the most powerful woman in Venice, equal in power to the most powerful man, her co-regeant Allonso. It also adds to my already-intimidating TBR pile. These are just a few examples. The first several pages are by far the worst — it does improve — but errors are scattered throughout. The wrap The first book was creative and engaging.

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Exiled Blade, the third in the trilogy, is an enjoyable read. Jul 24, Stephen Mcafee rated it it was amazing. Great story, great trilogy, great settings and pacing, final third I'd argue was too short but overall well worth a read. Nov 24, Chris Edwards rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. Very good.

Shelves: historical-fiction , dark , fiction , war , action-adventure , supernatural , love , read , magic , trilogy. Well, I just typed up a huge lovely review of this book and somehow Goodreads lost it when I clicked 'save'. This book is the third in The Assassini Trilogy. To tell the truth, I liked the 2nd Book, The Outcast Blade , better than this one, and feel that the story could have ended there. I was a bit disappointed with the end of this book.

However, I realize that it is a tragic love story the parallels to Romeo and Juliet were pret Well, I just typed up a huge lovely review of this book and somehow Goodreads lost it when I clicked 'save'. However, I realize that it is a tragic love story the parallels to Romeo and Juliet were pretty easy to spot , and therefore can't really have a happy ending, so I am resigned to what happened and it makes sense. So, although I liked the 2nd Book better than this one, I don't think this book was bad. This book picks up where Book 2 left off, where Tycho and Giulietta are in love, have seemingly defeated all their enemies, and are planning their marriage.

Evil Uncle Alonzo has been exiled from Venice, and Tycho made a Baron so his marriage to Giulietta is actually a possibility. Duke Marco, the "Simpleton", has started coming to his senses. As the book starts, Giulietta's child is stolen by Alonzo in a scheme made to look as though the boy was murdered. Tycho vows to save the child or die trying. As Tycho and Amelia are fighting for their lives in the frozen wilderness of Montenegro in a winter so harsh that most people believe it is the end of the world , Giulietta is reeling from two "betrayals" she believes to have suffered.

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This pushes her right into the arms of Prince Frederick, and she is further confused and saddened while trying to choose between her love for Tycho and her budding friendship with Frederick. As the characters try to sort through all the intrigue to decide what is real and what is not, all the plots are finally figured out and the secrets revealed.

Except for one secret, which is kept especially from Giulietta, for her own good. The ending is bittersweet, but hopeful. Although part of me wished to have a happier ending, I did like it, and realize it is more realistic. Or as realistic as you can get for an alternate-history story with strong fantasy and supernatural elements! I think this book deserves a solid 4 stars, and the Trilogy also, overall.

Although the 2nd Book will always be my favorite. I would definitely like to see that. And in the sequence where Tycho saves Marco, it seems that it is purposely left open-ended, possibly so the author can pick up where he left off in a new book?? We can only hope! Dec 05, Joy rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantastic-fiction , vampire-werewolf , series. I have read several good fantasy stories set in old Venice. It seems to lend its self to the supernatural much like New Orleans, being a major seaport, having a diverse culture of its own flavor, and a unique, magical character.

The Wind and the Void Nightblade Book 3 p2

This Venice is ripe with deadly politics and power struggles that are often solved with poison or a blade. Into this comes a beautiful, unworldly youth, who has no memory of who or what he is, with the powers of "The Fallen" devil or angel? Enlisted into the 'Blade' who I have read several good fantasy stories set in old Venice. This author seems to empathizes with women as property, to marry off to whom will bring the most political influence. His other book I'm now reading, The Arabesk Trilogy has a similar flavor, though it falls in the alternative history, Urban fantasy slot.

Throughout the 3 books will appear Werewolves, Witches, a very bad-ass Magician plus some demon like creatures. I was impressed with the quality of the writing; which reminded me of an Anne Rice style in the detailed period atmosphere, antique or foreign words without the pretentiousness of a 'dialect.

Its not in-your-face as too many fantasy novels I've read where it is feels like I've opened a Monster Manuel and every other listing has to be thrown into the plot. One of the best Series I've encountered in a longtime. Jan 15, Deborah Otway rated it liked it. Tycho seemed to be rather inept at the end of this book as he did not help at all with the final battle, even though he definitely had the ability to do more and would not have been able to be killed.

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Even daylight would not have killed him, yet he continued to hide. My only thoughts on why he didn't do much is that maybe he was fed up of being a pawn in other people's battles or that he needed to stand aside and let Federick be the hero in the battle. Don't really understand why he also needed Rosalyn and her children to come to the rescue.

In terms of Rosalyn I still don't think she ever drank his blood although I do remember him giving his blood to Guilietta when he nearly drank her to death but Guilietta did not become like him. Guilietta reverted back to being unbearable in this book, although I appreciate that was her character. I do not understand the cave. It was good in some way to try to get an explanation of Tycho's origin, although it wasn't necessary.

webdisk.builttospill.reclaim.hosting/una-noche-en-pars-un.php Were the other creatures also 'Fallen', but these were the forms they chose? They referred to Tycho as 'your highness', suggesting that he has some authority as one of the leaders of the battle between the gods, but they demanded two things from him. I especially liked the characters of Tycho and Marco. It felt a shame that Tycho could not have happiness himself at the end after so much suffering, but the end did seem to make the most sense. Glad Marco is still about. It is feeling strong too as it has held these two powers back, and the regent, Duchess Alexa holds a strong position.

As she ages she is lining up Lady Giulietta to take over as regent, or maybe even Duchess.

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But they are still threatened, this time by the exiled regent and traitor Prince Alonzo. To add to their problems, Venice is gripped by the coldest winter in living memory, wolves have returned across the ice. As they teeter on the edge of the abyss, the future of Venice is in the hands of Lord Tycho, former slave, kreighund and Assassini.

It is atmospheric, brutal and fast paced with great twists and turns. Characterisation is not strong, but good enough to carry the story along. It is a fitting conclusion to the series, but does suffer the similar problem that more series have in that it is a tad predictable. Good though; just need him to get back to writing more sci fi! Jun 30, Fantasy Literature rated it really liked it. All the battles that really mattered were with yourself. This is a pleasing, sad, and haunting ending to his alternate history fifteenth century Venetian tale, where political intrigue and martial prowess function side by side with shape-shifters, demons and magic.

At the end of the second book, The Outcast Blade, "But the real battle was with himself. Giulietta and Tycho, the demon-orphan hero of the trilogy, were together, and were happy. Dec 16, Ruth rated it liked it Shelves: spec-fic. The Musical Effect. A violent attack on Lady Giulietta's son forces Tycho from his new-found happiness and back into the treacherous intrigue of the court.

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For Giulietta's sake he would go to the world's end to track down those responsible. As Venice teeters on the brink of civil war, its warring families prepare to discover who is a player and who is a pawn in the coming struggle for power.