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Today I want to show you how to get the longest possible life out of your cloth diapers.

4 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Cloth Pads

We want our diapers to LAST! Here are my best tips for how to get more life out of your cloth diapers. One last thing… if your diapers do get worn out and leak, you can always use it as a swim diaper!

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Do you have more tips to make your cloth diapers last longer? If so, please share in the comments below! I was in your shoes a short 4 years ago when I knew absolutely no one who used cloth diapers.

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Yay for cloth diapers! I love ours! Anyway, hooray for cloth! Babies do look super cute in colorful cloth diapers. Aaron plays the ukulele, and they currently are working to complete a personal goal of performing one song together in every State Park in Washington. You can watch more about Anastasia's story here.

How to Take Care of Your Clothes

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A dream is born. About the founder. In our opinion this cloth is for us the most enjoyable cloth on the market to play on.

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When combined with Cyclop Hyperion balls the result is a ball and cloth combination that allows average players to play with extreme spin on the cue ball and do things they would not be able to do on any other cloth. The only downside to this cloth is that when the ball comes to a stop, it can track slightly. This cloth is the hardest wearing cloth that Andy make and it's brutally fast. Available in Electric Blue and Red.