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In many cases, a rush to build APIs without a thoughtful strategy has created a mess, with redundancies, poor maintenance practices, and limited transparency canceling out many of the potential benefits. Some companies have spent years ripping and replacing megasystems, adding APIs in an ad hoc way the entire time, without making any real progress. Another reason API programs falter is siloed efforts—for example, efforts focused solely on data or cloud migration—which can generate only incremental value.

To achieve the full promise of APIs, companies ultimately have to make significant progress along multiple dimensions. That range can be overwhelming, and small experiments can take on a life of their own, leading to wasted energies and limited value. For example, a regional bank began with APIs that digitized a key customer journey. It then went on to build APIs that simplified the architecture and drove efficiencies. Customer journeys are a good place to start thinking about which APIs to build.

A focus on journeys can identify which APIs can stitch together disparate IT systems to deliver a seamless end-to-end customer experience. To maximize the impact, tech leaders should also consider three additional ways APIs can provide value.

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APIs can expose data across various IT systems, both legacy and modern. They can then be used to extract the data and link them to advanced analytics systems. Most large organizations still have significant captive, on-premise infrastructure and have started to migrate to private clouds. A small number are embarking on public-cloud migration to reach the next horizon of benefits.

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Managing a hybrid cloud environment requires IT leaders to prioritize APIs that can access infrastructure across both private- and public-cloud assets. APIs can help with transformations because they can connect core IT systems, and the specific data inside them, to digital platforms. APIs can also serve as connective tissue and a synchronization mechanism across both modern and legacy systems that may operate at different clock speeds. All of these elements are intimately related.

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Thus figuring out which APIs to build first requires mapping the most important journeys and then noting the required complementary APIs to unlock the needed data, cloud, and core resources. It also requires identifying APIs that will allow the organization to operate in an agile, test-and-learn mode. The teams that build APIs need to employ a dedicated agile operating model.

This requires a shift from seeing API building as a set of one-off projects and instead treating each API as a product that will evolve and improve over time based on customer feedback. The two core elements to get right for the operating model are teams with the right skill sets and an organizational structure that supports the business needs of the company. Scrum masters ensure that teams use an iterative, test-and-learn execution model to build APIs quickly.

Once the business has a prioritized backlog of high-value APIs, top-priority items get assigned to scrum teams, which then build APIs in one- to two-week sprints. Those APIs are subsequently tested and iterated with users. Companies can choose from three organizational structures to manage API development. A centralized group develops most APIs for both business and technology units.

A set of dedicated API factory teams, embedded in different business and technology units, works cross-functionally to build and consume APIs.

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In this model, APIs are more likely to be aligned with business needs, but enforcing standards and best practices can be difficult. Individual business and technology units also contribute to the API catalog, following the taxonomy and standards set by the central factory and using foundational APIs built by the central factory.

Companies often use a variety of different and inappropriate metrics to assess API performance. Other potential metrics include developer adoption, contribution to simplifying architecture or reducing infrastructure costs, and data-specific key performance indicators KPIs. APIs historically were classified as middleware that integrated and exchanged data among multiple systems.

Because most API efforts were housed in the IT group, the taxonomy used to classify them was usually technical and nonintuitive. For 4 weeks receive unlimited Premium digital access to the FT's trusted, award-winning business news. Premium Digital. Team or Enterprise.

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All the benefits of Premium Digital plus: Convenient access for groups of users Integration with third party platforms and CRM systems Usage based pricing and volume discounts for multiple users Subscription management tools and usage reporting SAML-based single sign on SSO Dedicated account and customer success teams. However his death allowed a new jerk, A-Train to join.

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Later, due to causing the deaths of the granddaughter of Greg D. Mallory, Lamplighter was sacrificed to appease the Boys so that the Seven and the Boys would not go to war. This created an uneasy truce between the two teams, where each group agreed not to directly target the other. However this does not mean that the teams do not indirectly harass each other. In fact, when the Boys were blackmailing the team Teenage Kix it was Homelander who tipped them off, causing a fight to break out between the Boys and Teenage Kix.

This fight did not end well for Teenage Kix at all. After Lamplighter's death, they replaced him with the Conservative Christian hero Starlight who was told her price of admission was to orally please Homelander, Black Noir, and A-Train. Later it is revealed that Lamplighter, although killed, was brought back to life by the Compound V in his body, however he is now a brain dead zombie like creature. However many of his bodily functions still work and he often defecates with no control and plays with himself like a crazed child.

He is kept in the lower levels of the Seven's base and they take turns cleaning up his messes. As The Boys series spins towards its conclusion, it is likely more will die in the coming months.

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