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Kennedy, Story highlights A new PBS documentary by Ken Burns highlights the family life of Eleanor Roosevelt The politician and former first lady is well know for her campaigning and wit 12 quotes from the politician celebrate her wisdom. Initially famous for her marriage to her fifth cousin once removed -- President Franklin D.

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Roosevelt, who served four terms in office -- Eleanor showed she was different to many other first ladies of the era. Not content simply to accompany her powerful spouse at events, Eleanor held her own press conferences, spoke at national conventions and remained active in politics even after her husband's death. When the new Congress convened last week, much media attention was paid to the fact that incoming Republican and Tea Party legislators were carrying copies of the constitution in their pockets.

Totally lost from coverage was the fact that last Thursday Jan.

The speech was delivered while the American economy still was suffering from Depression and nearly a year before the United States entered World War II. If you download it, you will see that it contains much more than the listing of the Four Freedoms. It also is a remarkable political document which should be read, now, by congressional Democrats and Republicans, as well as President Obama, as they consider their agenda of the next two years.

The wit and wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt

Roosevelt, earlier in his presidency, had said that he "might be the last democratically elected president of the United States. Domestically, FDR's greatest achievement was the preservation of free political and economic institutions in the United States. Roosevelt knew that the United States inevitably would be drawn into world war. He called for bipartisanship and large-mindedness in our political decision making and declared that Americans should take pride "in the fact that we are soft-hearted, but we cannot afford to be soft-headed.

The Wisdom of FDR (The Wisdom Series) by Dagobert D. Runes

Some of FDR's rhetoric seems dated today. The "everywhere in the world" declarations foretold later American attempts to act as world policeman and to become arbiter of other nations' economic and political paths. At that time, though, the course of many nations' histories were at stake.

FDR Volume 1

Colonialism was nearing its end. Totalitarianism seemed ascendant. Roosevelt took a stand for values whose future were at that time greatly in doubt. President John F. Kennedy's inaugural speech "suppport any friend Successive presidents of both parties have carried his ideas forward.

The Four Freedoms got the most attention in the speech of 70 years ago.

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But there also was a clearly stated domestic agenda within it. FDR called for "equality of opportunity In those pre-television days, his famous fireside radio chats generated confidence in a country beset by financial and economic distress of far greater magnitude than that of the past two years.

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Most homes had Roosevelt photos on their walls. I cast my first "vote" for president in when my father, an unskilled sawmill worker, took me into a voting booth in the Bellingham High School library to pull the lever for FDR and a straight Democratic ticket. I was 6.