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Your lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs, such as the spleen and the thymus, that is responsible for cleansing and nourishing your body. But unlike your cardiovascular system, your lymphatic system has no circulatory pump of its own. It depends on physical exercise and movement to propel lymph fluids throughout your body. Research has shown that an exercise technique called rebounding will help your lymphatic system the most.

Rebounding has innumerable benefits during your Day Challenge, including providing the stimulus for a free-flowing lymphatic drainage system, which helps rid your body of toxins, cancer cells, wastes, trapped protein, bacteria, viruses and other waste the cells cast off. Would it surprise you to learn that simple water is a major part of the Day Challenge diet? Water is an essential and major component of all living matter and is the largest single component of the body.

Critical bodily functions such as digestion, circulation and excretion cannot occur without it. It carries nutrients to all vital body substances, plays a crucial role in maintaining body temperature and serves as building material for growth and repair of the body. Give your body the water it needs by drinking half of your body weight in ounces daily for example, if you weigh lbs.

A sustainable health diet with plenty of water-rich foods such as low-toxicity fruits and vegetables will allow your body to cleanse itself. Fats are actually very important to our overall health; the secret is to know which fats are healthy and which fats are not. Completely eliminating fat from your diet is one of the worst things you can do.

Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 are healthy or healing fats. Your body must consume these fats to survive. Without them the lipid membrane around your cells starts to break down. To supplement your diet with essential fatty acids during the Day Challenge, try the following options:. Balance is important in all aspects of your life, and that includes within your body.

Balanced body chemistry and maintaining a proper ratio between acid and alkaline foods in your diet are of vital importance to maintaining your health. Treat your body right during the day diet and ensure it maintains an alkaline state and supports cellular life with these rules:. Aerobic exercise is vital to your health, and is a critical part of this Day Challenge. Your aerobic system gives you endurance and it encompasses the heart, lungs, blood vessels and aerobic muscles. If you condition your metabolism to operate aerobically, and supply it with proper diet and exercise, you burn fat as your primary fuel.

In fact, you can even perform invigorating exercises right at your desk. Follow these guidelines for aerobic exercise:. Your body is always working hard for you, and you should ensure you give it what it needs to function optimally. To achieve maximum nourishment during the Day Challenge diet, follow these energy diet guidelines:.

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The motion of the human body is a gift. Even if you are not athletic, as long as you can move your body, you can enjoy this gift. The human body was designed for motion, yet few of us actually use the full range of movement. This gift, the power of structural alignment and maximum strength, is designed to take charge of the motion-powered musculoskeletal system. Exercising this system is one of the primary foundations and frameworks for human health and the systems that support it.

For thousands of years, alternative forms of medicine have focused on a natural, internal ability of the body to raise its resistance, fight disease and create health. One of the most potent biological mechanisms that promotes this type of health and healing is found directly in the mind. Utilized and directed effectively, our thoughts, emotions and mindset can be one of the most potent allies toward mitigating disease and manifesting energy and vitality. Make a concerted effort to practice these principles during the Day Challenge:.

To maximize your results, be aware of the following 4 poisons:. The major kinds of fats in the foods we eat are saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and trans fatty acids. In Gift 3, we learned that not all fats are bad — but some of them are. The dangers of bad fats or processed fats include poor circulation leading to high blood pressure , poor elimination, excess congestion and toxicity in the body. In addition, the body is not able to perform the functions that good fats or unprocessed fats provide.

This is why it is critical during the Day Challenge diet to:. Are you a meat eater? This means that our body will start to produce more ketones, which it can then use as energy. It pretty much works the same way that the ketogenic diet does, but without you needing to cut out all carbs from your diet.

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Studies have shown that regularly taking MCT oil powder has been shown to help prevent any development of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is any type of metabolic disorder that includes:. This is due in part to the MCTs being easy for your body to digest, easily be used as energy, help you feel full longer, as well as being an anti-inflammatory.

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MCTs are one of the most easily digested fatty acids, when compared to other fats. Since your brain is composed of mostly fatty acids, these easily digested MCTs are able to constantly supply your brain so that you not just feel your best, but also stay sharp, perform well at work and even think more clearly.

This is another reason you will feel more energetic, more clearheaded, and positive as well.

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MCT oil powder works great for supporting your digestion. It does so by balancing the bacteria in your gut microbiota. This in turn helps your digestive system, your ability for absorbing minerals and vitamins from foods you regularly eat, and even improves your energy expenditure. MCTs also help keep your gut healthy by killing off a wide range of different pathogenic viruses, as well as bacteria and strains that can potentially cause major digestive problems such as constipation, food poisoning, candida, diarrhea and even stomachaches.

With antibiotic resistance on the rise in may people now a days, MCTs are the perfect way to naturally kill different types of bacteria that can be harmful to you. MCTs work as a very powerful, natural antibiotic that helps your body stay balanced. Some of the harmful bacteria that MCTs are known to protect you from include:.

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MCTs are great when it comes to cooking with high-heat. So when you cook with MCT oils, you can rest assured that you are still going to get the health benefits from them. If you are not currently including MCT oil powder in your daily diet, you should start doing so as soon as possible. With all of the health benefits and practically no real negative side-effects, MCTs should be part of your daily diet.

MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, are specific fatty acids that are good sources of energy. MCT oil is extracted from healthy fatty oils like coconut oil and palm oil to create a more concentrated supplement to use for weight loss and increased energy.

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MCT oil has become especially popular among keto dieters, as it provides the healthy fat your body needs to produce energy. While these substances have many similar qualities and benefits, there are a few key differences between them. MCT oil contains all the healthy fat you need for quick, sustainable energy. When cooking with MCT oil, you have to treat the ingredient the way you would any oil. Some think the best way to add MCT oil into your regular diet is in smoothies — but then comes the difficulty of storage and transport.

However, the most popular qualm people have with MCT oil is its harshness on the digestive system. MCT oil can cause all sorts of stomach issues from constipation to diarrhea. However, if you are already prone to stomach issues or if you are already aware of a digestive issue you have, MCT oil might irritate your stomach even when taken with food.

MCT oil powder has all of the dietary and nutritional benefits of MCT oil, but there are many upsides to choosing powder. First of all, for many people, powder might be a much more convenient substance than oil. You can store powder easily without worrying about it spilling, and you can smoothly move it into different containers when on-the-go. For those of you already having to deal with adapting to a new diet, MCT oil powder might be much easier to integrate into your system. But another major advantage of MCT oil powder is its amazing ability to be combined with other ingredients and other supplements.

MCT oil powder is more easily integrated into recipes and more smoothly mixed into beverages. Not only that, but MCT oil powder can be combined with other ketone supplements you are taking to have an increased effect on your body. For these reasons, many opt for choosing MCT oil powder — especially those just trying to get into the ketogenic diet lifestyle.

MCT oil powder makes it easier to transition into new dietary routines.

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While there are many different promises on the market, multiple studies over time have shown that MCT oil is the ultimate way to burn fat. A study revealed that a daily dose of MCT oil can help men to burn off calories and women to burn off extra calories.

Not only is MCT oil an effective way to burn fat, it also has added benefits such as fighting yeast and bacteria, increasing mental clarity, and controlling blood sugar levels. With these benefits and the results of multiple studies behind it, MCT oil is officially the ultimate way to burn fat. As we age we become more and more susceptible to neurological diseases. The good news is that MCT Oil could be added to your water to prevent or even reverse neurological diseases. If you have a family history of neurological diseases, you could use this to ease your fears about developing such a disease yourself.

MCTs are natural fats found in just a few foods. The brain is incapable of saving energy.

It needs a consistent flow of energy mostly provided by glucose. When glucose levels are low, the liver can use reserved body fat to make ketones. The Journal Neurobiology of Aging conducted a study in which participants significantly improved their cognition and memory in just an hour and a half. The immune system, bacteria, and viruses have a strong effect on the brain.