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He was just a Human, an ordinary, soft-skinned, shoot-him-and-he-bleeds Human—and that meant that he was in for a galaxy of trouble once his hunters caught up to him. He had faced down thieves and murderers, bounty hunters and pirates—and, frequently, legitimate law enforcement as well—all without flinching, but this…this was something that he was terrified to face. What would he do if his fears were true?

What would he do if there really was nothing for him to find, if the thing he was looking for was gone forever? If that hope was gone, what point was there in going on?

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A cold and pitiless voice split the night like a dagger. Then, slowly, he turned to face his hunters. Two were Humans, one man and one woman, clad in full body armor and wielding almost identical repeating particle beam carbines. The woman wore a combat visor, an accessory that was expensive but worth every galactan; the man was defined by the scars running down both cheeks and a dart gun built into his right forearm armor plate.

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The third bounty hunter was a male Lynlissian. His head was large, shaped like an egg tilted at a forty-five degree angle, and a pair of thin grooves ran vertically up from his eyes to the crown of his forehead.

His armor was of lower quality than his Human comrades; it protected his torso and legs but left his arms bare. Those limbs—and the rest of his body beneath his armor as well—were covered with blue scales instead of skin.

Veil of Darkness

At nearly two meters tall, the giant insect-like aliens stood a full half a head taller than Roger. The Lynlissian stepped forward. His voice was soft and melodious, like running water—the same voice that Roger had heard moments before. He is most displeased with you, Roger Warbanks. Is evil, evil, if it is done for good reasons?

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Do the ends justify the means? If you want to create a perfect world of equal outcome is it alright to destroy an imperfect world?

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Is it alright to enslave one man for the good of others? What is good and what is evil? Who determines which is which? Follow Michael Moore as he hunts for answers and the man who has them.

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Published: September 14, A sense of normalcy has begun to envelope the survivors of the Rage Virus. I don't think I've ever come across a male PNR author before if you have please leave me a comment! It was only released October 30th of this year too. I know I'm intrigued. After the blurb, I've placed some of the things that have been said about "Veil of Darkness".

Veil of Darkness

That is where they live. Spirits, demons, and creatures of myth. For decades, one organization has sought to uncover the secrets of harnessing the power on the other side of the veil for its own misdeeds. And for decades, a group devoted to protecting life and the natural order has worked to counter the efforts of evil.

Emma is the perfect guardian, living in isolation until called on, accompanied by a tenacious Siberian husky bonded as her familiar and companion. Her life and existence is devoted to one end — using her unique abilities to maintain the balance and bring an end to that which does not belong.

Luca is a paranormal expert capable of seeing beyond the veil and communicating with the other side. After a chance encounter, Luca will awaken something in Emma that will force her to face her most difficult struggles, and inspire a whole new reason to fight. It's a supernatural romp into the occult with action, mystery, and a healthy dose of laughs from the support characters that will keep you turning pages from start to finish.

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