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Agility and good decision-making skills are crucial as a critical care nurse. As more hospitals expand their ICUs and nursing homes care for very sick patients, critical care nursing has become a growing specialty. Critical care nurses should be comfortable with advanced technology and working at a fast pace.

Emerging technology is changing the landscape of nursing and the use of health information systems HIS is a regular discussion among healthcare providers. It can include information from multiple providers, hospitals, and specialists, and can be accessed at any time of day. EHRs are designed to be confidential and secure. EHRs have been a long-time coming.

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Many healthcare facilities are also using mobile devices to collect information and communicate with patients. As with any new technology, there is a learning curve. During your clinical time, learn as much as you can about emerging technology. Medicine and technology are moving fast and nurses will be required to keep up.

General Data Protection Regulation

The use of genetics and genomes can also help identify whether a parent will pass along a mutation to their child. Biometrics is the scientific method used to identify people using fingerprints, voice, or other physical qualities. As a nurse, you will be given access to the necessary patient information that allows you to do your job.

Those days are numbered. It can provide networking opportunities and an easier way to communicate with fellow students or colleagues. A quick scan of Facebook and Pinterest will also show you that nurses use social media for support and levity.

INFOGRAPHIC: 20 Types of Nurses Including Job Descriptions & Salary

There can be a dark side to social media, however. Many volunteer to help with rescue efforts. Skip to content Learn How to Become a Nurse. Search for Schools All Find Schools. No matter how the world evolves, it will always need nurses. Find states with nursing needs. Military nursing jobs. Become a healthcare volunteer. Making connections during clinicals.

The Roles of a Nurse Manager: Leading the nursing profession into the future

Pin It on Pinterest. CNAs help patients with daily tasks, such as bathing and feeding. They also answer patient calls, clean rooms, and are responsible for recording information and reporting issues to a nurse. Under the supervision and instruction of an RN, LPNs—also called licensed vocational nurses in California and Texas—provide patients with basic care, including dressing, changing bandages, and bathing. Some LPNs are permitted to administer medication but this depends on state regulations. You want to work in nursing sooner rather than later, but hope to become an RN one day.

RNs coordinate patient care, administer medication, assist doctors with exams and surgeries, educate patients, promote wellness, and manage other nurses and LPNs. They determine the amount and type of anesthesia needed—general, local, or regional—as well as the method for administering anesthesia. You want to work as part of a team under the supervision of doctors, or independently, depending on the laws of your state.

Nurse midwives provide prenatal, postpartum, and newborn care. Nurse midwives also educate women and families about health and wellness. NPs serve as primary care providers to patients of all backgrounds. Nurse practitioners can diagnose illnesses and prescribe medication, but part of the job of an NP is to educate patients about preventative care as well. Training other nurses on new technology is just one part of a nursing informatics job. Patient confidentiality is key as is efficiency in the workplace.

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From creating work schedules to managing finances, nurse administrators juggle many responsibilities. You want to be instrumental in improving patient care while managing the business side of a medical facility. Recruiter-approved career tools to help you land the job. As seen in:. Easily Build Your Resume Pre-written text and professional advice for every resume section. Apply to Jobs in 1-Click See jobs that match and submit your resume and cover letter fast. Get Hired Faster New jobs dashboard that even shows you how to get higher pay. Some of our customers have been hired by:.

What happened along your path and their path? And in nursing, it seems that men are more attracted to the emergency room ER or ICU—those critical-care nursing roles that end up having a higher pay differential. So if you go on that kind of track, you also end up having a different pay track.

I think so many of my female colleagues at every level of nursing are not realizing that this is happening in their backyard. He went out and found an offer and came back and leveraged it. Can you beat it? Now, I had a ton of time off, paid and unpaid. I had toddlers, so that was important to me.

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The reaction has been very strong. And then there are a few voices of reason, and a lot from men that said, Yeah, I know what my colleagues make, and I know I make this much more. Then collaboratively we end up having a little bit more power.

By Pavithra Mohan 9 minute Read. What does that mean for the women who have long been the backbone of the nursing industry? What happened when I discovered the men I managed were paid a lot more than me I had 15 years of professional experience, but no one cared when I became a mom I have to delay my retirement because my male coworkers were paid more So we have like 15 to 20 years of good, solid data that patient outcomes are better when you have safe levels of care.

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