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We may see loved ones pass away, marriages crumble, people fall ill, and other trials of life that cause us to grieve and hurt.


What if an illness was meant to cause us to meet someone a doctor, a nurse, a fellow patient whom God has created an opportunity for us to share His love with? What if through our difficulties people see our faith magnified and they become encouraged or saved through the mighty power of Christ? Earlier, she refers to Joey Feek who was promoted to Heaven after a valiant fight against cancer. All Rights Reserved. Broadcasting Since EIN: Skip to main content.

Love Mandisa and her story as well. We all carry some struggle; no person is exempt. Trying to live life graciously….

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Blessings, xo. Enjoyed your post today! I went thru a challenging afternoon…and this post came at just the right time! Sending prayers and blessings to you! What an awesome post Kelly, and perfect timing! We all need a reminder sometimes to persevere and keep going! I really needed to hear that message today and maybe a lot of days lately.

Thank you for the inspiration and hope!! Kelly — I have been reading your blog for quite a while. I am going to share this with my 10 year old daughter who, at times, struggles with mean girls in her class. I hope this will lift her up and realize that she is an awesome individual and if others do not like her for who she is, then they are not worth trying to be friends with.

Thank you so much for this today. I thank God every night for the the good things and the bad things.

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Think of a perfect day. How would you know it was perfect if you never knew bad? I have two neighbor boys that give me the insperation to greet every day anew. One was burned so badly that it has been two years now and he is still having operations, about every two months to release muscles that tightened when he was burnt. He graduated this year one month after he would have. I have Fibromyalgia and about five other problems. I am 67 and the boys say I give them inspiration, but the real inspiration comes form these two young men that will not let horrible pain and set backs stop them.

Thank you for listening to me. I hope others can find the good in everyday as these two have. You are SO right! I love this post so much! I watched that video on Good Morning America and cried, too. You have totally inspired me! This is such an uplifiting, encouraging message. Your post in point. I am thinking of all the people on the front range that have lost their homes, vehicles, everything they had and some of them their lives or lives of loved ones.

We feel pretty lucky over here on western slope. Our grandson was found to have stage 4 cancer all thru his body just days before his 14th. He had several surgeries, worst of which was removing 5 lbs. The surgeon found it just before he closed him up from a 12 hr. Shame on us. We live in a single wide mfg home, ours, and have a rough time making it now days on our SS. Does that make us bad people? I try to stay busy, keep hubs and I healthy, we do our own thing by ourselves.

I feel sorry for anybody that behaves that badly. What would it hurt for our grandson to communicate with his grandparents?

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Son was going to divorce her but then they found out about the cancer. IT was all over town since she cheated with guy she worked with. She also seems to think our daughters kids are her grandkids. What can a person do?

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It was my SIL but he refuses to admit it was him. Thanks for reading. Thanks for the heart felt encouraging words in this post. A little late in replying to this, friend. But oh, so timely. Your words inspire and encourage me…just as your friendship always has! Love ad miss you, friend!!

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